Atlanta Remix

Neko Case, Atlanta. GA

Atlanta Remix:

Art and Music in Atlanta, GA, USA

Atlanta | ətˈlantə | the capital of the state of Georgia in the US, in northwest central Georgia; population 537,958 (est. 2008).

Atlantan | ətˈlant(ə)n | adjective relating to or characteristic of Atlanta, the capital of the US state of Georgia, or its inhabitants: a definitively Atlantan experience. noun a native or inhabitant of Atlanta, the capital of the US state of Georgia: he co-founded the coffee company with a fellow Atlantan.

remix |verb | rēˈmiks | [with object] mix (something) again. produce a different version of (a musical recording) by altering the balance of the separate tracks. noun | ˈrēmiks | a different version of a musical recording produced by remixing. DERIVATIVES remixer noun